// Physician


Position Responsibilities

  • Provide medical care for patients
  • Work collaboratively with healthcare providers and other responders
  • Ensure your knowledge of the assigned role and responsibility by referencing the Job Action Sheet and other resources.
  • Ensure the work environment is free of hazards that may impede the safety of patients and those working within the treatment areas.
  • Maintain confidentiality of patient status and medical records
  • Adhere to the IMERT Code of Conduct
  • Utilizes established communication channels/chain of command Receive, coordinate, and forward requests resources to the designated
  • Participate in briefings and meetings as requested during a deployment or training
  • Provide feedback for post-event evaluations.
  • Participate in stress management as directed after returning from a deployment.


Must be physically fit to handle the rigors of disaster or training event environments.  Expected rigors may include; standing for extended periods, walking a mile, enduring austere environments, and the set-up and demobilization of the designated treatment areas.

Requirements to Maintain Active Deployment Status

  • Participate in two trainings a year; at least one of these must be face-to-face.  For the second training, members may participate in any sponsored exercises, drills (including communication drills) or online training modules.
  • It is imperative that deployed members are in good health and able to withstand the rigors of the anticipated conditions. When reporting for a deployment, all members will receive a brief medical exam including having vitals checked.  Deployment clearance may be withheld at the discretion of the ranking medical officer or designee.