// 501c3 Nonprofit

The Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team (IMERT) is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to respond to and assist with emergency medical treatment at mass casualty incidents, in addition to coordinating preparedness programs in Illinois.

The IMERT Nonprofit provides support to the IMERT team and volunteers, allowing us to provide training, equipment, and reimbursement that otherwise would not be possible.

The Board

  • George Beranek, MD, MBA, FACEP – Chairman
  • Lisa Wax, RN – Secretary
  • David Wold, DDS – Vice-Chair
  • Bernard Heilicser, DO, MS, FACEP, FACOEP – Board Member
  • Marge Luczak, RN – Treasurer
  • Non-Voting Board Members:
    • Moses Lee, MD, FACEP, FAAEM – President
    • Mary Connelly, RN, BSN – Director