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Why join IMERT?

Joining IMERT gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other medical professionals to assist those in need in our own state and nation.

What are the training requirements for team members?

Training and education requirements include completion of a Weapons of Mass Destruction/Mass Casualty educational session, National Incident Management System training, Incident Command System training, and an Deployment Operations course.  Members must complete the required training courses and educational seminars within 1 year of becoming a team member.  Most training can be completed independently online.  After becoming a team member, individuals are required to attend at least 1 training session, educational event, and/or drills a year to remain active as an IMERT member.

The primary deadline is completing the ICS 100, 200, and 700 online self-study FEMA courses within 90 days of application.


Find online courses to meet most of your training requirements in the Online Training section.

More detailed required training information can be found in the Team Members section.

Register for an IMERT sponsored training.

Register to attend a regional educational and/or training session in the Team Members section.

What is the time commitment for team members?

You can give as much or as little time as you are able to trainings and drills.  To maintain active status on the team members are required to participate in 2 training sessions and/or drills yearly.

How is a team member activated?

Each team member is required to maintain their updated contact information with the IMERT Office in order to receive activation and other notices from IMERT.  The primary way you will be contacted is via text message to a wireless device (i.e. cellphone or pager). In order to receive these notifications,  IMERT will need your wireless address and wireless provider. IMERT runs occasional communications drills to test these capabilities.

How does a team member get to the disaster site?

IMERT has established transportation assistance to get team members to the disaster site, including ground and, if necessary, air transportation. At the time of the incident IMERT will designate an assembly point for the team. It is the individual member’s responsibility to self transport to an assembly point. Secure parking for personal vehicles will be available at a team assembly point.  From the assembly point, IMERT will use the established transportation method to get the team members to the disaster site.

What if the disaster is in my area?

IMERT will not activate personnel within the area of the disaster. Teams from other regions of the state will be activated to assist in the affected region.

What do I do if I can no longer participate in IMERT?

You should notify the IMERT Office immediately, then return all equipment and uniforms issued to you by the team.