// Logistics Specialist


Functional Description

The Logistics Specialist is responsible for assisting in providing logistical support.

Description of Duties 

  • Assist members of the Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team (IMERT) .
  • Assist with or procure transportation, operations and support equipment as needed by AOC/FAOC  during deployment
  • Assist members of the IMERT in deploying and erecting team assets.
  • Assist members of the IMERT during triage and transportation of victims
  • Function as safety observers for IMERT members during rescue operations and report safety concerns immediately to IMERT on-site Administrator, Team Leader or Safety Officer
  • Provide security for the IMERT while deployed in the field
  • Assist with various equipment setup and operation (i.e.: generators, lighting, etc.), with qualified operators


  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Possess good verbal skills when dealing with the public
  • Be able to maintain composure during high stress situations
  • Be current in CPR training
  • Be current in First Aid training
  • Possess ICS training


  • Meet the moderate physical fitness requirement
  • Be physically capable of lifting and carrying heavy objects
  • Be physically capable of walking over rough terrain to remote site


  • Be familiar in the proper use of or current procedures in:
  • various power tools (i.e.: generators, lighting, etc.)
  • various rope knots used in rescue work.
  • various types of maps (i.e.; aerial, topographical, mercator).
  • lensatic compasses for use in land navigation.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment.
  • traffic control and proper crowd control
  • radio communications techniques

Training Requirements 

  • Complete Basic ICS training
  • Complete WMD/mass casualty educational session
  • Complete NIMS training