// Nurse


Functional Description

The nurse is responsible for assisting with medical care of decontaminated victims in the Medical Zone.

Description of Duties 

  • Assesses nursing needs to provide safe and efficient nursing care
  • Records vital signs of all Team members at regular intervals
  • Works collaboratively with medical personnel in the identification and management of potentially contaminated patients
  • Performs triage of patients on entry to medical services
  • Assesses injuries and illnesses; performs resuscitation, inserts intravenous lines, and secures airways; treats shock victims
  • Provides medical services to Team members under physician control
  • Examines and treats wounds and illnesses due to the effects of a NBC or mass casualty event
  • Performs diagnostic tests as appropriate
  • Maintains complete and current clinical and nursing records
  • Ensures sufficient IMERT drug supply levels
  • Maintains medical records for all deployed Team members
  • Assists in providing medical advice to local EMS personnel
  • Assists in non-ambulatory decon litter positions
  • Assists with post decon ambulatory patient monitoring if workload indicates
  • Performs all BLS duties as outlined


  • Valid and unrestricted State licensure to practice nursing
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS) certification
  • Working knowledge of Universal Precautions
  • Working knowledge of supervisory practices; and
  • Extensive knowledge of ICS


  • Significant current experience as a nursing supervisory in a clinical setting
  • Capable of searching written and computer databases for NBC information
  • Manage subordinates in stressful work environments; and
  • Experience in preventive medicine (vaccinations, etc.)


  • Possess good interagency coordination skills; work well with technical experts, local officials, and other organizations; and
  • Meet the moderate physical fitness requirement

Training Requirements 

  • Complete Intermediate ICS training; and
  • Complete WMD/mass casualty educational session
  • Complete NIMS training